blah, something happened to my wordpress account so it posts really weird so….i’m going to switch back to blogspot. i’ll post the link when i’m ready to o.e

sorry to disappoint you guys who have been checking this website a lot :S

oh and i changed my name to xiGotTheMagic on ourWorld.


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Code #23

Long time no see? I don’t have a computer anymore so I can’t get on as much. Here’s the very very late code >_<


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I will still be able to update this website once in a while…and I will definitely start doing Updates again. For now, visit one of the more popular sites: Last Cookie, Wolf’s ourWorld Cheats, ourWorld Guide, etc. (search in Google if you don’t have them in your favorites already)

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Good News: Tourists can get the prizes from the Golden Keys (:

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Gem Code #22 and More! (:



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10 Gems! Be sure to use it before this week ends(: And, I’m a new author on here…if you didn’t notice. Anyway, my username on ourWorld is Aphrodite aka Legend’s sister. So…Updates are supposed to come out today but I’m not sure if the Transformation Box is in the package. My brother is psyched about the Bob the Blob. rofl xD That’s pretty much it! Laterrr :P

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